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Where the use of a private vehicle has been agreed a mileage rate can be claimed for the Business journey element of any trip. Business travel means journeys which employees make to or from a place they have to attend in the performance of their duties but not any travel from home to a University site.

The rates of mileage are reviwed annually by the Finance Comimittee and as from 1 February 2022 are as follows

Travel by car (irrespective of size) 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles per tax year
  25p per mile thereafter
Motorcycle 24p per mile
Passenger(s) 5p per passenger per mile
Cycles The University does not pay a cycle allowance

If the employee travels direct from home, the mileage should be the lower of:

  • The mileage actually incurred or
  • The mileage which would have been incurred if the journey had started and finished at the normal place of work.

When using a vehicle for business travel the employee must ensure that their personal insurance allows business use of the vehicle.

For travel to destinations served by rail link from Cambridge, mileage claims will be restricted to the lower of the actual mileage claim or the second class rail fare which would have been payable.


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