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Frequently asked questions on using of specific aspects of Concur 


Frequently asked questions on the roll out and implementation of SAP Concur for expenses

Captured below are some of the questions that the project team have received regarding the implemtation and roll  out of the SAP Concur system.

Once the new system is launched will users have access to clear instructions on how to complete a claim in Concur?

Yes, comprehensive training materials and guidance will be available for users to follow which will be easily accessible within the system.

With some departments and schools having developed varying approaches to claiming expenses that fit with their own needs, how can we ensure that the new system developed will be suitable for all?

We are aware departments, schools and faculties have varying approaches to claiming expenses. As a result, we have developed a dedicated User Group representing the differing needs across the University. 

Additionally, a pilot phase of the new system involving eight key departments will commence in the autumn of 2020. Together with the information gleaned from the User Group, this will help us to develop a system which meets everyone’s needs as much as possible.  

However, we are aiming to standardise the expenses system where possible. This may result in less flexibility than current operating models but will ensure the process is more controlled and universally understood. Additionally, as the new system will interface with CUFS, claiming expenses will be much more efficient and claimants will be reimbursed much more quickly. 

When Concur is live, what will happen to Shared Services?

They will carry on with business as usual processing invoices etc. The introduction of the new expense management system has no target to achieve staff reductions. We are finding that levels of finance related work are increasing faster than the University is able to expand employee numbers. Therefore one of the aims of the programme is to boost our capacity by reducing the amount of time spent on lower value tasks and to reduce duplication and frustrations. We want to free-up more time for employees to concentrate on value-added activities and to develop skills further within their roles.

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