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Q. Can Concur automatically assign an account code to a line item?

Yes, users are set up with a default code when they are added to the system. The claim line can be coded to a different code, if required, at the approval stage. Claimants can add a note for the approver to say where an expense needs to be coded.

Q. Is there still a default account code, as discussed in the workshops?

The code that is in the user profile is what will be initially attached to the claim, but the claimant can advise the approver in the ‘Notes to Approver’ field at header or line level if the coding should be amended. 

Q. Can I code to a mix of projects and GL ?


Q. Can Concur split a claim across multiple grants or general ledger codes? For example, if one hotel is booked for two conferences, meaning the account is split across two grants.

Yes, the approver can do this

Q. What does it show on the main screen for coding if I have allocated against a number of different accounts?

The main screen does not update. You will need to open the Allocation window to view.

Q. Is there a quick way of coding all items in a claim to the same place?

Yes, when you select the Allocate button immediately click cancel on the bottom right corner of the window that opens. On the left will be a list of all items in the claim. Tick the boxes next to the items you wish to allocate, then click "Allocate Selected Expenses". Now when you setup your split allocations and click save, the coding will be applied to all selected items.

Q. What are groups when allocating?

Group numbers indicate which items have been allocated together and therefore share the same code and split percentage.

Q. What are favourites in allocations?

Favourites is a feature which is not being used by the University of Cambridge.

Q. Can I code to something in a different department ?

Yes, but you must tick the "Department Update Checked & Correct?" box to confirm your intentions  e.g.where expenditure is coded to an administrated fund .

Q. Is source of funds in the GL code case sensitive?


Q. Is there any validation on the GL codes?

Not in Concur. If an invalid Source of Funds code is used it will be picked up by the Functional team and corrected.

Q. Can Concur check that sufficient funds exist in the grant?

No, we are not using the budget module with the new system. 

Q. Is there any validation on the grants codes?

Not in Concur.

Q. What happens if it fails transaction controls on a project?

The costs will be swept into a suspense account for the Department to address in the same way as salaries.

Q. What happens if it fails budgetary controls on a project?

The costs will be swept into a suspense account for the Department to address in the same way as salaries.

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