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Q. Can an approver amend a claim or can they only accept or reject the claim?

This depends on the aspect of the claim. If an approver were amending the amount it would be rejected back to the claimant and it would need to be re approved. An individual line of a claim can be returned allowing the rest of the claim to progress.

Q. Can I return or reject just a single line on a claim?

Yes, select the "Send back expense claim line" box for the line you wish to return.

Q. If you reject or forward a request does it clear from your approval list?


Q. How will an approver know that a scanned receipt has not already been attached to a different claim?

The system can carry out checks to a certain degree, but it will also rely on the honesty of the individual not to submit the same receipt more than once. 

Q. Can an approver take over the role of another approver, for example, when the original claimant is on holiday?

Yes, if the delegation set up has been completed.  If not the help desk will be able to apply this (for example long term sickness).

Q. What happens if I don’t action an approval?

After 3 days an email will be sent to the claimant if the claim has not been approved. A further email will be sent 2 days later to advise that the claim has still not been approved. A final reminder will be sent 2 days later if it still has not been approved. The claim will then be sent back to the claimant and will need to be resubmitted. If the approver is away the claimant is able to submit to a different approver.

Q. What happens if an employee works in two departments?

When they come to submit the claim they need to change their default approver to the approver 1 in the dept that the claim relates to. When approver 1 receives it, they will need to amend the dept code and the coding information and then check that they master account for the dept pulls through

Q. Who is the final approver of my claim? Is it Central Finance?

No, the local departmental finance team approve / check the claim prior to it being interfaced for payment

Q. Will the system detect if an approver’s authorisation level exceeds the claim amount and prompt the claimant to select an alternative approver, or does the approver just forward the claim?

No limits are set in the system, the form you have completed us for audit purposes, but the ensuring the claim stays within the limits will remain a manual internal process.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of approvers per expense claim? For example can 3 or people approve before it gets to finance?

There are no limits for the number of approvers, you can edit the approval flow and have additional approvers.

Q. Where can I see the coding comments entered by the claimant?

The comments entered by the claimant in the notes to approver field will be visible at the top of the approver screen for each claim line. Where there are multiple comments, selecting view all will display the complete list.

Q. I am not receiving any approval notification emails

You may need to add to your safe senders list.

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