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Q. How will a department reconcile an electronic copy to the original paper receipt?

If departments want to keep paper receipts to maintain a process that’s fine, however submitting electronic copies is all that is needed.

Q. Does Concur support non-receipted expenses such as: A train ticket that is retained by the ticket reader, a per diem allowance, a standing order for flat rental or a study grant

If non-receipted expense claims are made, the system will require some narrative or other documentation to be provided.  All claims over the value of £5 must have a receipt to be guaranteed reimbursement.  The University does not have any per diem allowances for staff.

Q. How long should we recommend a claimant needs to retain the paper receipt once they have been scanned in?

Receipts will not need to be retained once scanned, unless claimants want or need them for their own purpose or the grant’s purpose.

Q. How old can a receipt be before it is rejected as too old?

The University policy is that claims are to be submitted within a timely matter and not more than three months old.  The advantage of this online system is that you can complete a claim on the go

Q. In the absence of a receipt, can a bank statement showing the transaction be used?

A receipt is required for all expenses.  If a receipt is lost supporting documentation must be provided for items over £5. 

Q. Can Concur flag an out of date time limited receipt? 


Q. Can I add more than one receipt to a claim?

Yes. Add the first receipt as normal and save the expense. Open the expense line again and you should see an append option under the receipt. Select this and add the second receipt in the normal way. (repeat if more receipts are required) Supporting documentation (in addition to a receipt) can be added to an expense in the same way as adding multiple receipts.

Q. What happens if I do not have a receipt?

The user can enter a justification – no receipt required up to £5 (as per Finance Regulations)

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