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Q. I have got an JWT Expired message when logging into Concur

This is not a Concur issue but is a Raven security feature where you have had tabs open for a long period of time with no activity. Please clear cache and completely close all the tabs you have open in your browser and then reopen.

Q. If a supplier is linked to payroll (for example internally) will a change to the payroll record flow through to Concur?

Some data will flow through, such as if an employee leaves the University or amends their surname, these will also update CUFS as well as Concur.

Q. Who can see a Concur claim?

The claimant, approvers and administration users within a department. 

Q. When setting up a new supplier, will the profile include options such as insurance details or a preferred payment method?

All employees will be paid by BACS and part of the aim of the overall implementation is that all students and visitors will similarly be paid by BACS once the system is fully rolled out.

Q. Can Concur interface to a non-SAP accounting system (e.g. CUFS)?

Concur will interface with CUFS.

Q. Which reports will be available with Concur? 

There is a suite of reports available, reports can be created if there is a need for additional information. Details of the reports available and instructions on how to run them can be found on the Expenses Hub website

Q. Will attachments and claim forms flow through to CUFS? 

The data from Concur will create the invoice in AP in CUFS but there will be no attachments, these will be held in Concur. 

Q. What happens if an expense fails the grants validation?

If a grant claim/claim line fails grant validation when being interfaced it will be coded to the department suspense account. The interface process will generate a report which is sent to the department telling them what has failed. The employee is still reimbursed in a timely manner but the department will need to move the costs from the suspense to the correct place. Possible fails could include: • the expense type that has been mapped in Concur to the grant expenditure type has no budget for that expense • the type of expenses is not allowed on the project/task • its outside of active dates The report will be sent to the research grant contact so that they are aware that it is on the suspense account and will need moving. NOTE: If a grant fails fund checking it will be listed on the Funds Check Failure burst report and not this report, they will need to be dealt with in the same way funds check failures are currently, they will not go to the suspense account. 

Q. Do I need to SIA the claim in CUFS?

No, all expense claims from Concur are automatically SIA’d to not withhold payment

Q. What is the name of mobile app?

The app is called SAP Concur, it is available on the Google Play store and Apple App store

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