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Q. How will new employees be registered to Concur?

Employee extracts are completed each week from CHRIS into Concur which picks up new starters and ex-employees. The new employee will automatically be set up as an AP supplier in CUFS when they make their first claim, therefore the departments will no longer need to submit a new supplier request form in the APEX Supplier database.

Q. If an employee leaves and comes back as a visitor, will they be classed as a new supplier?

Yes, as they are no longer an employee, and this would mean a change in type of supplier.  Once an employee leaves, they will be deactivated as an employee supplier and employee access to SAP will be removed. The employee will have access to Concur for 3 months after they leave to allow time to finalise Barclaycard claims. but they will no longer be able to make out of pocket claims. 

Q. Will all employees automatically be set up in the system to receive expenses?

Initially all employees will be setup on the system.

Q. What if an employee's personal data changes in CHRIS?

Some data will flow through, such as if an employee leaves the University or amends their surname, these will also update CUFS as well as Concur.

Q. What happens if an employee moves departments?

The system will pick up this change and make the corrections on CUFS and Concur

Q. What if an employee changes their approval role?

The employee will need to notify the helpdesk to have their access in Concur adjusted.

Q. What if an approver leaves?

Department will need to notify the helpdesk, as there will be no central monitoring of active roles.

Q. How does it work if you are reimbursing someone for something that you would normally put on a P11D if you know the person is leaving?

Normally, if someone has left/is leaving, the individual gets a late adjustment via P11D. However, when using Concur, Payroll would find it helpful to review these items at the time of the claim rather than waiting until the end of the tax year when P11D returns are completed. Therefore, when approving the expenditure tick the Taxable - Payroll box and enter a comment in the note to approver field to indicate their status and the nature of the payment.


Q. How do I change my default approver?

Your default approver 1 is set automatically as your line manager in CHRIS, if this needs to be changed the department finance team should request this via the Helpdesk using this request form 

Q. What do I need to do before an employee leaves the university?

Ensure that the employee submits any out of pocket claims before their last day. Once their CHRIS record is deactivated the interface with CUFS will fail as it will not be able to create the supplier record. The employee will have access to Concur for 3 months after they leave to allow time to finalise Barclaycard claims.

Q. Will the admin teams have access to reports to see submitted claims once forwarded to Finance?

Only two people for each department will have access to the master account to check.

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