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Authority to travel

All business journeys should be authorised. Without such agreement the budget holder may refuse to authorise the payment of claims or invoices relating to the trip. 

Authorisation type  Scenario
verbal An agreement to attend a meeting.
‘understood’  Local journeys performed regularly in the course of one’s duties, or academics travelling on a regular basis to disseminate the results of their research on a particular grant.
written If there is room for doubt clear agreement from the budget holder should be obtained that the costs will be met (eg. a brief exchange of e-mails, standing delegated authority or the use of Requests within the SAP Concur Expense Management system).

Risk Assessments

  • Guidance on managing risks from travel, fieldwork and working away

Funding Options for Travel

Booking Travel

Where possible bookings should be made directly by the department or through the travel management company to minimise the need for reimbursement through expenses.

  • How to access and book using the University's travel management company, Key Travel
  • Hire vehicle options incluing booking via the online Enterprise portal
  • Details of Negotiated Hotel Rates

Travel Insurance

Sustainable Business Travel

The latest development in strengthening the University’s approach to carbon reduction is the adoption of new guidelines on sustainable business travel.

It is not the purpose of the guidelines to limit essential business travel. Rather, the aim is to strongly encourage staff and students to adopt climate-conscious travel behaviours and choices.

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