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Expenses Hub

Your hub for expenses and expense claims

System updates

We are currently undertaking a process of reviewing and updating some of the expense type categories and field names.
While we do this you may find that some of the images and videos in the guidance material do not exactly match what you see in the live system. There are no functionality changes.

Welcome to the new site for expenses. This site has been designed to complement the new Expense Management system which the University has now rolled out to all departments.  

Please note: The Concur expenses system is currently just for staff on the UK payroll, for anybody else the forms can be found here

The site will be hub for everything expenses related; not only will it allow staff to claim expenses, but it will also be a source of information about expense policiesrates, pre-travel requirements and guidance on how to use the new system. The hub currently features an FAQs section and it will also host news updates on how the new expenses system is rolling out across the University. 

You will need to be logged in with Raven in order to see the training materials, they are all under the Using Concur tab.


System rollout

Concur for visitors

Departments can now use Concur to pay expenses to visitors (currently only UK bank accounts are supported) 

Other existing payment methods remain available for situations where the use of Concur is not suitable. 

Guidance on setting up a visitor is available here (Raven login required)

Which departments are now using Concur for staff expenses?

Concur is now available to all staff on the UK payroll. 

General guidance

At the FUG meeting on 17 March, there was a presentation on some hints and tips for using Cognos. The slides are linked below.

The topics included are:

  • An alternative approval option with a finance team review before the first approver
  • Guidance on claiming expenses and approving expenses from a different department
  • Discussion on the use of unclassified costs 
  • Explanation of why the information is requested

FUG slides - 17 March 2023

FUG questions

You must be logged in with Raven to use this site

Click on the logo to access our Expenses Portal


Guides on how to use our expenses portal


If you need assistance

Please speak to a member of your Department's Finance Team in the first instance.

If you are having technical trouble or have queries about using the system, please email or call the Finance Helpdesk on 01223 (7)65999

Yammer group 

This group is primarily for the Finance Teams who will be second approvers, you can request access here

If you need assistance

Please speak to a member of your Department's Finance Team in the first instance.

If you are having technical trouble, please email or call  the Finance Helpdesk on 01223 (7)65999