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This guidance is intended for the visitor.

Departments can find additional guidance in the Using Concur section 

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Password policy

Must be at least 12 characters

Must contain at least one uppercase letter (A_Z) and one lower case letter (a_z) 

Logging in for the first time

The first time that you log into the system, enter the username that you have been provided and select Next 


On the next screen select SAP Concur Password and select Forgot Password


Check that the username displayed on the Forgot Password screen is correct and then select Send

An email will be sent with a link to reset the password. 

Two factor authentication 

Two factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to the account. Once set up using an authenticator app, for example Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator, a code will be generated on another device which is added in addition to the password when logging in.

If the two factor authentication needs to be reset, an email link must be requested.  

Setting up two factor authentication 

The first time you log into your Concur account you will be asked to scan a QR code or enter a code manually in your chosen authenticator app. 


Open your authenticator app and choose the option to add an account (choose the other option)

Scan the QR code on the screen or enter the code manually 

The SAP Concur account will be added to your authenticator app and a 6 digit code will be displayed which changes every 30 seconds


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Logging in with the authenticator code

Log in to the account with your username and password as normal

You will be then asked to enter an authentication code

Open the app and enter the code displayed for the Concur account and then select sign in 


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You must be logged in with Raven to use this site


If you have any problems, in the first instance, please contact the department that you visited. 

If you still have queries, the central helpdesk can be contacted here 

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